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FlyingBiscuitFlying Biscuit Cafe

Featured in numerous popular restaurant guides, many sing the praises of The Flying Biscuit! Breakfast all day, or choose from a great variety of Southern fair!

Located in Cameron Village.

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Restaurants in Raleigh

Raleigh is home to some of the best restaurants in the south.  People come from Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, all over North Carolina and beyond to enjoy the diversity of food and atmosphere that can only be found in “our fair city”,  Raleigh.
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Events in Raleigh

 Raleigh is  a great place to live because of the rich diversity of events throughout the year.  Art, theatrics, motorcycles, food, jazz, banjos, and rock are all celebrated with festival and street parties.  From First Friday to the drop of the Acorn, free movies to fireworks, and clubs to bars to comedy “all the Raleigh’s a stage”.
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circle_celebrateThe Most Un-Boring City in North Carolina

Not a day goes by that our capital doesn’t have live entertainment from music to festivals, weekdays and weekends alike!

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circle_RLZ2Scooter’s Grill & Bar

Scooters has it all from great food, drinks & FUN (plus Friday & Saturday specials). Enjoy indoors or on their outdoor patio! There are music events every weekend!

Located in north Raleigh

Raleigh Rocks!

Nightlife in Raleigh

You don’t have one of the highest per capita group of young singles in the US and not have a vibrant nightlife. Esquire Magazine ranked Raleigh at the top of it Cities that Rock list.  Whether it’s live music, a pub, bar, comedy club or nightclub you are looking for, there’s no question that Raleigh is the place to be to have fun after-hours.
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Shops & Services in Raleigh

Raleigh has an amazing array of stores, shops and services. Some of the most exclusive and sought-after shops and services in North Carolina are right here in Raleigh. Find out why people come from all over North Carolina to shop in Raleigh.
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shop_RLZCheshire Cat Gallery

Looking for unique items and antiquities? This store has you covered! From furnishings to books to jewelry – Once you stop in, you won’t be able to leave!

Located in Cameron Village.

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